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Washington Post erases ‘pregnant women’

Think tanks, the media, and liberal politicians are in the midst of a coordinated effort to erase associating pregnancy with women. Now, the Washington Post has updated their official style guide to replace the term “pregnant woman” with “pregnant individual.” Travis Lyles, the Washington Post’s new “Instagram editor” leaked the big change on Twitter, before

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Facebook and ‘Instagreed’ execs grilled by lawmakers over mental health impact on children

US lawmakers pressed Facebook on Thursday about the harmful effects its services could have on young people, especially teenagers, as concern mounts about what the social network knows regarding its impact on users. The Senate hearing, titled Protecting Kids Online: Facebook, Instagram, and Mental Health Harms, follows a series of stories in The Wall Street Journal about the social network’s knowledge


Alexa on wheels, creepier than you thought

Amazon’s announcement of an ‘Alexa with wheels’ household robot has been met with a wave of ridicule and questions about the privacy concerns this technology presents. The Astro is Amazon’s first household robot and it can be remote-controlled by its owner when they are not at home to perform tasks or check on a pet