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Building Contractors in France Find Nearly Half a Million in Gold Coins During Reno

desmopressin acetate nasal spray price Building Contractors in France Find Nearly Half a Million in Gold Coins During Reno A group of contractors turned would-be treasure hunters when they discovered nearly half a million dollars in gold coins hidden in the house they were renovating! The builders in Northern France found a stash of 239 gold coins which could earn


Oregon State University Spends $100K on ‘Progressive’ Diversity Workshops

Ilagan ivermectin 12 mg tablet alternative Documents obtained by Campus Reform show that Oregon State University spent $100,000 on four diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops in 2015. OSU hired Kardia Group LLC to facilitate the workshops over the course of one year as part of the school’s five-year “strategic plan” to advance DEI efforts. The five year initiative concluded in 2020.


‘HE WAS STIFF’Boy, 8, found dead in bed by his mum after doctors missed fatal symptoms

neurontin dosage neuropathy Young Logan Jones died after meningitis wasn’t picked up by doctors at Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. The eight-year-old boy went to hospital twice while suffering with the killer infection, but was “completely failed”, a coroner said. He died hours after leaving hospital for the second time on November 19, 2019, with his mum tragically


Two Haitians bite ICE officers on deportation flight

http://kucinski-sukienki.pl/80611-ivermectin-made-by-15770/ DEL RIO, Texas — Federal assault charges will be brought against two Haitian migrants after they bit federal law enforcement officials on board a deportation flight when the plane was taxiing to the runway, the Washington Examiner has learned. The runway incident is the latest episode in which Haitian migrants who have been deemed inadmissible to the United


Biden has a Catholic problem

The recent law in Texas that limits abortions to the first six weeks of a pregnancy has the left in high anxiety.  No one has been more forceful in his determination to overturn the Texas law than is President Biden.  He has pronounced himself as a longtime supporter of Roe v. Wade – and that