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How Eating Fat Can Make Us Thin

June 05
11:16 2017

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If we understand the science behind nutrition we can understand that the pathway to good health is good eating. Or properly stated; the pathway to good health is grasping that what we eat is our natural medicine and we should choose our foods carefully, avoiding the bad and consuming the good.

For years the conventional wisdom has been that eating fat makes us fat. This is massive brainwash. Eating fat from real foods does not make us fat. Eating bad fat makes us fat. People can’t seem to grasp the difference.

The difference is in the trans fats or trans fatty acids versus the good or natural fats. Trans fats are the margarines, vegetable cooking oils like soy bean oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil or any oil that is not certified organic. Watch for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated.” The oils have a long shelf life but they shorten yours.

These foods make us fat while killing us with heart disease and cancer. They cause weight gain and increase inflammation, leading to obesity, diabetes, vascular disease and cancer.

Few people really think about what they poke into their mouths because those who supply us the food on store shelves, the commercial food manufacturers, dictate what is “good” and what we should eat. They were given a pass for 100 years to make these bad fats and put them in foods, and the food cartel and government men endorsed it with fake news about how it was not harmful. The result is a nationwide addiction to trans fatty acids in foods designed to trick your taste buds, like crackers, breads, cakes, French fries and anything made from white flour.

Trans fat is a fat transformed to make it more solid and stable at room temperatures. But this transformation, which involves the movement of a single hydrogen atom from one side of the molecule to the other, changes natural food into a harmful substance.

And it doesn’t take much trans fat to substantially harm our health. Studies show that for each 2 percent of trans fats consumed the risk of coronary heart disease doubles. A study by the British Medical Journal published in 2015 found that consumption of trans fat increased death rates by 34 percent. It also led to a 28 percent increase in death by coronary heart disease.

Some countries long ago banned trans fat from processed foods. Denmark, for instance, banned trans fats in 2004. Three years later the mortality attributable to heart disease decreased on average by about 14.2 deaths per 100,000 people per year.

Next year the Food and Drug Administration – which approved the use of trans fats and for 100 years sanctioned their use, as stated above – will ban their use in processed foods. This will come five years after the FDA determined that partially hydrogenated oils were not “generally recognized as safe” for use in human food, indicating the FDA is more concerned with corporate profits than consumer health.

But even with a “ban,” don’t expect transfats to disappear from processed foods. The FDA granted a loophole allowing foods to be labeled as having zero transfats if they contain less than 1 gram per serving. It also allows the manufacturers to determine serving size. So there will be all manner of foods containing trans fats listed as containing none, all with the FDA sanction. And as demonstrated above, it takes very little additional trans fat to have a dangerous impact on our health.

And why must we wait for a government ban? We should be avoiding these processed foods like a plague, because they are.

The consumption of processed foods with trans fats has led to an imbalance of omega 6 (trans fat) and omega 3 (good fat), which has led to general and specific deterioration in American health.

So we must drastically reduce if not eliminate trans fats from our diets and replace them with good fats from high-quality virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Good fats are also those from fish, fish oil, cod liver oil and chicken. Avocadoes and organic butter from grass-fed cows are also good sources of good fats.

Good fat is good to eat. It will help you burn fat. Eating good fat teaches your body that it doesn’t need to store fat, and that it’s ok to burn fat off. These good fats will rebalance your essential fatty acid ratio back to a more healthy 2:1 of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids, instead of the 20 or more to 1 that many Americans suffer from currently.

See how quickly you will begin to lose those pounds! Feel how quickly your inflammatory joint problems will disappear! See now your lipid profile will correct and you will avoid degenerative disease… and all without drugs.

The body runs best when it can burn fat as fuel. Eating good fat is not what makes us fat; it makes us thin.

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