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Drug to Treat Postpartum Depression Approved by FDA

Drug to Treat Postpartum Depression Approved by FDA
April 03
16:48 2019

retin-a tretinoin cream buy It is generally thought that most women are ecstatic with the birth of their child. For many women, having a child is the fulfillment of being a woman. I know that was true with my wife when she had our two daughters and now my oldest daughter is desperately trying to get pregnant and have a child.

evecare price in ghana No matter how joyous having a baby is for most women, there is a downside that is often hidden from everyone else. It’s called postpartum depression, which impacts about 1 in 9 new moms.

placentrex lotion buy online According to the Mayo Clinic:

actonel generic price “The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect — depression.”

lantus solostar price in pakistan “Most new moms experience postpartum ‘baby blues’ after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks.”

micardis hct cost “But some new moms experience a more severe, long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Rarely, an extreme mood disorder called postpartum psychosis also may develop after childbirth.”

tenvir em price in india “Postpartum depression isn’t a character flaw or a weakness. Sometimes it’s simply a complication of giving birth. If you have postpartum depression, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms and help you bond with your baby.”

acamprol price The symptoms of the ‘baby blues’ include anxiety, appetite problems, crying, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, mood swings, sadness, trouble concentrating and trouble sleeping.

mdi foracort price The symptoms of postpartum depression often are mistaken for the baby blues, but they tend to be far more intense. It can also result in a form of psychosis that can be devastating and even lead to suicidal thoughts or even killing her newborn.

zenegra 100mg tablet price It’s recommended that if the baby blues become too intense or last longer than two weeks that one should see the doctor as soon as possible.

flovent hfa price For those thousands of new moms suffering from postpartum depression, there is hope on the horizon with a recent news story:

tazzle price “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug meant to specifically treat postpartum depression in mothers, a first for the agency.”

kamagra oral jelly best price “The FDA announced in a news release Tuesday that it approved an intravenous infusion of brexanolone, a drug labeled as Zulresso. Patients would receive a continuous IV drip over 60 hours. The news release said clinical trials, which involved more than 200 women, showed brexanolone worked within hours to help treat postpartum depression,…”

glyciphage sr 500mg price However, the new FDA approved treatment has its drawback:

sarafem cost “Zulresso will be provided only through a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program that requires that a health care provider administer the drug in a certified health care facility. Farchione said the REMS program is necessary ‘because of concerns about serious risks, including excessive sedation or sudden loss of consciousness during administration’…”

sominex price “The treatment’s 60-hour length could make it difficult for some new mothers to be able to participate ― after all, it involves sedation, and patients must be accompanied when interacting with their children during the infusion, according to the release. This is in addition to the treatment cost, which CNN said will likely be $20,000 to $35,000 per treatment, according to Sage Therapeutics, the biopharmaceutical company that created the treatment. Mothers without extra home support and low-income mothers are often particularly prone to postpartum depression.”

tenvir buy “Also, Sage Therapeutics advised that patients talk to their doctor about breastfeeding because the drug will pass into breast milk.”

kamagra buy Without the new treatment, the only known treatments are counseling or the use of anti-depressant drugs that are not designed for use with postpartum depression. Regardless of whether or not the new treatment is a viable option for anyone suffering from postpartum depression, it’s highly advised that they seek medical and/or mental health care as soon as possible.


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